Facial yoga


On this workshop you will learn a wide range of exercises that can help you to train all 57 facial muscles. The suggested exercises take only 5-20 minutes a day and soon the effect will surprise you.

The workshop includes both theoretical and practical parts. In the beginning you will learn about:

  • facial muscles, their structure and features
  • skincare routine and things to do before exercises
  • recommendations and contraindications for facial yoga

During the main practical part you will learn how to do the exercises for forehead, eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, chin and neck.

If to do the following exercises regularly you will:

  • receive more symmetrical face
  • get rid of bags under eyes
  • remove wrinkles around eyes
  • remove nasolabial folds
  • lift the neck muscles
  • receive fresh glowing skin
  • remove wrinkles from the forehead
  • correct the shape of your nose
  • see incredible anti-ageing effect


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